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Baosteel executives visited the Lubao Steel Pipe PQF production line
On April 9, Baogang Group Board Directors Zhang Jingang, Huang Yichang, Xia Dawei, Li Li, Zhang Kehua, Deputy General Manager of Baosteel Co., Ltd. (Executive) Chu Shuangjie visited the Lubao Steel
Lubao Steel Pipe and the resident fire brigade held a joint fire drill
In order to further enhance the safety awareness of Lubao steel pipe employees, strengthen safety knowledge education, improve the emergency response to fire and fire safety rescue capabilities.
Lubao Steel Pipe invites experts from Baosteel Testing Center to give instructions
A few days ago, Lubao Steel invited four experts from Baosteel Testing Center Xu Weicheng to conduct a two-day laboratory training. According to the requirements put forward by the laboratory,
Lubao Steel obtained JFEBEAR special deduction authorization
Recently, Lubao Steel Pipe and JFE fully cooperated. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions on the production technology details, and completed the coupling encryption,
Lubao Steel Pipe is qualified by TOTAL casing supply
Recently, Lubao Steel Pipe PQF production line API casing products passed the evaluation of the French Total (TOTAL), and obtained the TOTAL API 5CT product P110 and the following steel grades
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