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Become the most competitive steel company in the world

Create a life of change

Core value
Integrity, synergy

Cultural Cognition:Knowledge and Practice of Baosteel


1. Ordinary posts can also be colored. 2. Be loyal to your duties. Be your own manager. 3. Empathize. Become a popular person. 4. Take the lead in setting up the sleeves and pick up the sleeves.


The first one:

for a more exciting life

Life can be wonderful

Have the right way of thinking

Have a positive working attitude

There is hope in action

1. Maintain a sincere and friendly heart 2. Modest, grateful, open-minded 3. Origin thinking Doing something worthwhile 4. Be prepared for danger 5. Cooperate with each other, actively cooperate 6. Be compatible and learn from others 7. Make a career

1. PDCA+ earnestly 2. Responsible for each other, courage to act 3. Seek truth from facts, strict and demanding 4. Step ahead, take the initiative to communicate 5. Accumulate every day, make continuous progress 6. Learn to innovate, never meet

We are all Baosteel people


Everything starts from the user

1. Customer satisfaction is our consistent pursuit 2. Everyone is a “customer representative”

3. Win the user with integrity 4. Face the user with the same sound



Basic management starts from me

1. Safety is the starting point for happiness 2. Quality is our business card

3. Doing cost improvement for the family


Reform and innovation are always on the road

1. Reform and innovation is the gene of Baosteel.

2. Dare to be the first to find the difference and strive for excellence.  3. Do not be in me.


Building a beautiful home together

1. Everyone is an image ambassador of Baosteel 2. Green and environmental protection Starting from the spot 3. Enthusiastic public welfare Have a beautiful heart

The Second:

For the more powerful Baosteel