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Environmental management

Yantai Lubao attaches great importance to environmental protection work, strictly implements national and local environmental protection policies, comprehensively processes production emissions, and adheres to the coordinated development of production and operation, resources and environment, from the entire process of engineering project design, construction and production. We will fully implement clean production and green manufacturing, and strive to build a world-class clean steel pipe enterprise.

High strength
High efficiency
Long life


Green product


Compact process
Craft green
LCA evaluation

Green design


Green sales

Close to the user
Perceived demand
Green consumption


Green production

Low consumption
Low emissions


low cost
high quality
Supplier evaluation

Green procurement

Adopt various green promotion methods to promote the sales of green products and realize the value-added services

Reduce production by optimizing production processes and routing through green design and LCA evaluation

Promote suppliers to implement environmental management and achieve win-win cooperation

Implement energy conservation and emission reduction, and develop a circular economy.
Create environmentally friendly and reduce production costs

According to the green demand of consumers, expand the green connotation of products and realize product value-added