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Quality inspection system

The entire production line is equipped with advanced and complete online detection, control, sampling, sample preparation and test equipment. The test data is transmitted from the computer system to the relevant production units for production control to meet the user's quality requirements for high-end products.

The hot rolling line is equipped with on-line length measuring and weighing device, tube billet temperature measuring instrument, capillary outer diameter, length, temperature measuring system, capillary measurement before continuous rolling, automatic rolling force detection in continuous rolling mill, roll gap Size system, the length of the steel pipe after the pipe stripper is measured, the diameter measurement, the temperature measurement, the length measurement system, the temperature measurement system before and after the sizing, and the diameter measurement and length measurement system. These inspection systems ensure the quality of the wall thickness and outer diameter of each steel pipe.

The heat treatment and finishing line of the steel pipe is equipped with a magnetic flux leakage flaw detector, an ultrasonic flaw detector, a tube end magnetic particle flaw detector, and an online hardness tester. The key quality inspection equipments are imported from abroad and can detect various quality defects such as vertical and horizontal and delamination of steel pipes.

The inspection and testing equipment can meet the requirements of API 5CT/5L, ASTM, DIN, GB and other standards for the processing and inspection of hot-rolled seamless steel tubes. Sample processing and inspection requirements.

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